No-Fear Blogging Tips for B2B Websites

It’s a shame, but too often entrepreneurs and business owners mistakenly think that their blogs must be literary works of genius before posting on their B2B websites Overwhelm sets in, resulting in procrastination and a backlog of blogs that never get written. This means less opportunity to engage with clients. Follow these proven tips and vanquish the terror of the blank screen and blinking cursor.

Stop the negative thinking. Seriously. “But I’m a terrible writer.” “But I don’t have anything to say.” “Why would anyone want to read this?” These inspiration-killers will sink your ideas before they ever set sail. Your blog doesn’t need to be Pulitzer-worthy. It simply needs to connect with your clients by focusing on something that your audience finds relevant.

Brainstorming is most of the battle. You know more than you realize. Take out a piece of paper and draw separate columns for the following three questions: What’s the most important thing to my clients? What are their biggest concerns? What does my company offer to alleviate those concerns? Now make a list of responses to each of these questions for each type of client you service. VoilĂ ! Each answer is the topic of a new blog entry.

Be yourself. Different authors have different voices, and personality sells. You’re an expert in your field; now simply share it. Write in a simple, conversational tone. If you find that your writing seems too formal, dictate your work into a tape recorder or to have an actual conversation with someone. Grab a coworker or a friend and sit them down for a few minutes while you explain your thoughts on your blog topic. Once you transcribe those thoughts, you’ll have a good chunk of unique human-sounding blog content as your starting point.