Essentials of Internet Marketing – How to Make Blogs

Getting your message out to the masses on the internet requires that you know how to make blogs. A Blog is a web log, a record of someone’s experiences that they wish to share. Many people have something to say and want a record of their activities. A personal blog is the way to do this Tiny zone. You may wish to make a statement or start a discussion on a topic or perhaps just share your experience at the beach. All of these can be done with a blog.

There are several platforms to create free blogs available on the internet., or, will provide you space on their websites to state your opinion or share your experiences. If you use their space, you play by their rules. This is the drawback of free sites. Controversial or banned subjects will not be allowed and you may have your site taken down or your account blacklisted if you cross the line, even inadvertently.

Purchasing a URL (Universal Resource Locator) and hosting is fairly inexpensive and will give you much more freedom to express controversial opinions. You will still have to abide by the terms of service of your provider but there is much more leeway with some topics.

When you have your URL and hosting in place you can start to work on your blog platform. A standard web page is one choice for you to use when setting up a blog but, this platform is not blog friendly (a free website editor is KompoZer). A blog friendly platform is WordPress. This platform was originally designed for blogging. It has been enhanced and optimized so now it can appear as a standard webpage if desired but is much more powerful as a blog.